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I opened my Virtual Assistance practice in 1999 and never looked back! I love my VA biz, but when the web designer who created my first site wanted to charge me $50 for each and every thing I wanted to change, I soon found a new passion.

I learned Dreamweaver and added website design to the services I offered clients.

Eventually I found WordPress and became a full-time web designer!

I am the proud mom of 4 kids – 15, 16, 21 & 23 – and am a Mimi (grandmum) to two awesome little boys! My husband is a member of the RCAF and we love the beautiful places across Canada we have been lucky enough to see!

I’m also a complete and utter Filofax wonk, and lover of simplicity. I write about those two passions at luscioussimple.com and am always keen to share my experiences and expertise!

If you’re thinking about a facelift for your own website, please get in touch and let’s create some sparkle!

  • WordPress Website Customization 90%
  • Online Marketing & Social 60%
  • Conquering Business Overwhelm 80%
  • Smart-Ass 99%

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