There are a few things that every seasoned website developer DREADS hearing a prospective client say they’d like when they are inquiring about a new website or a website revamp.

Here are the top 3 things that strike fear in our collective hearts.

1 – Make it pop!

No other phrase, with the exception of “It doesn’t work on Internet Explorer”, strikes fear in a designer’s heart than hearing “make it pop!”  I don’t know of a single soul who actually knows what that phrase means, let alone how to translate it into an actual site design.  Do you mean contrasting colours? Do you mean a background video?  Try to be clear and show the designer examples of what “pop” is to you!

2 – It would be great exposure for you!

I’m willing to bet that every web designer has heard this when a prospect has balked at paying the price for a professional website!  And it’s highly unlikely that someone who is looking for something super cheap is going to have enough traffic to their new site to even entertain a rate break!  Highly discounted rates are rarely a good idea.

3 -I want my site to look exactly like {insert site name here}!

This is one that hits particularly close to home for me.  I once had a client tell me he wanted a site EXACTLY like my own website, functionality, content and all.  And he was FURIOUS when I would not hand it over to him! Your website should be a reflection of YOU, not someone else.  Also, plagiarism.  And copyright violations.

When you approach a web designer for a project, have an idea of what you’d like, and give your designer your requirements.  Be prepared to invest a lot of time to work WITH your designer to create a site that will truly be right for you and your business!

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